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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Ice-Kuradio, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Ice-Kuradio

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    Hi All,

    We are an established Internet radio station based in the UK. We are listed on iTunes as well as many other directorys. We have been up and running for 5 months now and have a large listener base.

    We have decided to take on some new Dj's/Broadcasters:

    Experience is not necessary all we ask is that you have a large mp3 collection "fully labeled" and a Mic. We are looking for "Hosts" not just dj's that play back to back songs.

    YOU MUST - Be dedicated

    There are no restrictions on music provided it is something that would appeal to all and not just one.

    Are schedule is flexible but we do ask that all Dj's try to comit to a minimum of 2-5 hours per week.

    If this is something that sounds of interest to you then please get in touch either reply to this thread, via pm or email me directly @

    You could be hosting your own show later today :p
  2. Ice-Kuradio

    Ice-Kuradio New Member

    We are still on the hunt for more talented DJ's/Hosts to join us @ Ice Ku Radio...So please drop us a line if you are interested.
  3. Ice-Kuradio

    Ice-Kuradio New Member

    We are still on the hunt for more DJ's/Hosts/Broadcasters to join our team here @ If you are interested in having your own show on a great internet based radio station. Then drop us a line.
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  5. General Lighting

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    Hi DJ Ash - unfortunately I think that station has long since closed - its website is inaccessible for one thing and I even tried to track down the station it may have merged with but their site has also gone 404.

    If I was a DJ looking for a station to play on I'd firstly check you can tune into them and they have a active website/community (not just facebook as not everyone uses it!)

    Also - though I appreciate everyone here comes from all over the world so we might write English differently, to me a job is something you get paid for. My job is to make computers and telephones work for a medium sized company in Suffolk, which I get paid for in real money - and if I have any spare time or resources left I volunteer to help out radio stations or do a few mixes as a hobby. Which increasingly is as much as anyone can hope to get with the sheer amount of stations both normal and online around all competing for listeners.

    For the future, especially as here in the UK trade unions and even regulators are scrutinising the sheer level of unpaid work in the creative media and posting misleading "job" adverts could even get you in bother, its worth any station managers being 100% honest about what you can and can't offer your volunteers on a station.

    In most cases the most you can offer them is publicity and an audience for their content and you will still be competing against soundcloud, mixcloud and all the other "cloud" services unless the station has a well established brand..
  6. Michael Owen

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    i would like to apply for this please :)
  7. Rob Irvine

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    They are no longer in oparation, as i've and sevral of us have checked their website out, and is now back on the domain market., these days you'd be lucky if a online radio makes it past 3 months, you can always try dance Zone Radio
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    Online DJ's Needed

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  9. amt

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    Broadcaster Here

    I am looking for a broadcasting job. I have experience with Dekadance radio and currently have over 6k+ music library but can build from there. Most of what I played for Dekadance was rock and classic rock. I have a southern accent but I manage lol. I can send a demo if needed.

  10. dracnoir naxos

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    applying for position

    i have had over five yrs djing experience in second life djing playing for 50 to 800 listeners at one time. i use sam broadcaster and have over 10k plus music liberary spanning from country to 50;s rock to todays rock
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    We need dj's

    Looking for a job in radio, have a passion for music, then Rubix Radio is the station for you. We are looking for dedicated presenters to join our ever growing team.

    All radio shows will be broadcasted from your home and help to set this up can be provided if needed.

    You Must:
    Be 16+
    Keep a regular broadcast unless discussed beforehand.
    Live in the UK
    Have a wide range of music (70s 80s 90s – and some modern day)
    Own a decent microphone (Condenser Microphone would be recommended)
    Have the correct software to broadcast (Advise can be provided)

    If you would like to apply email

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