Internet Radio Software

There are 3 different pieces of software involved in broadcasting your radio to the audience. Encoding software sends the signal to the server software which then broadcasts to the listeners player.

How it works

The radio show uses encoding software to compress their signal. The signal is then broadcast by the encoder to some server software which then allows listeners to connect with a player.

Broadcast Encoder (You) Right Arrow server Server (Us) Arrow switch Listener Listener Listener Player (Them).



Encoding software is installed on a computer where the radio show is being broadcast from. This compresses the signal and sends it to an internet radio server with plenty of bandwidth (like ours).



The internet radio server recieves the stream from the broadcasting software and relays it to the listeners player. The radio server requires large amounts of bandwidth to cater for all the connecting listeners. We can provide these.



The Internet radio player connects to the server to recieve the radio stream. This could be a standalone player like VLC, Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player etc... OR a flash player embeded in your web site.