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IBM Virtual Worlds Team

I work for IBM where I work in our virtual worlds team, using environments like Second Life. Your service allows me to easily broadcast sound into the virtual world. I am pleased with your service so far, which was nice and easy to setup and I like the pay as you go model.

IBM Virtual Worlds -

PowerMix FM

We have had our radio started up since april and we would like to say that you are the best. We have the best deal so far and the service is very quick and remarkable. Its really unbeatable! We use the pay as you go service and its exactly what we need and we are very excited. Let me not forget the prices. Really unbeatable. One big thanks to all this great team.

Powermix FM


Internet Radio have consistently offered us a reliable, fast and affordable service for our hosting. Because our average listenership fluctuates a lot, the unique pay-as-you-go payment scheme is perfect for us. Thanks guys!

analoguetrash -

Fring Radio

Super and top class. Cant beat them. Love the pay and go style! You wont be disappointed!

Fring Radio -

Mixed Sounds

Hi, Just a quick note to give you all a big pat on the back there @ Service you provide is excellent. It is faster, cheaper and more user friendly than my previous stream host (love the shoutcast config page). They could'nt be even bothered to reply to emails and took them 4 days to activate the stream after i had paid! Keep up the good work and thanks again from a very happy Chris :)

Mixed Sounds -

Bluntbeats Radio

The crew here at Blunt Beats have been doing regular internet radio shows for around the 5 year mark now. Both the technical spec, and the technical support we were offered (at very reasonable prices!) is unbeatable. Period. The long and short of the matter is that however much you were prepared to pay for this kind of radio service, you wouldn't get a level of customer support that you do here, and we are extremely grateful for that. As far as we're concerned, we know the technical side of things can be trusted to work, and is the most up to date available. Low prices, great service, reliable as hell.

BluntBeats -

Mneten -

these guys have the most ridiculously good deals on shoutcast servers if your just a single person wanting your own server... seriously, like 20 bucks to set up or whatever, and then its pay-as-you-use it for the bandwidth (ie: time your not streaming is free to you)... i could see how a pay by the month server would be better if your streaming 24/7, but if your just a random dj... excellent deal.

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BitDayz Radio

Can I just say what a great service you provide, Im a keen online broadcaster and have had no problems to date.

yorkie98 -

You can pay a monthly fee for a set amount of bandwidth/slots or you can try a Pay as you go service such as that offered by They enable you to buy bandwidth and just pay for what you use. It may work out cheaper in the long run to get a package but if you have low usage, you could be throwing money away on bandwidth you don't use. The pay as you go option can be set up for £5 (for 10Gb) sterling then you just top it up as and when you need it.

HBC Radio

I'm LOVING that you guys offer pay-as-you-go. My org. will use this once or twice a month for Club sports broadcasts, and so a pay monthly plan is not at all feasible. So, thanks for being so client-orientated.

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