Jpop Radio Stations

We have 14 radio stations playing Jpop.

Nerd Fortress Radio

Koji Kondo - Bolero of Fire

Genres: anime game gaming japanese jpop soundtracks

70s-90s J-pop Stream

Watanabe Misato - 02 Moonlight Dance
Genres: jpop japanese 70s 80s 90s

Big B Radio #JPOP - The Hot Station for Asian Music |

Arashi - Hit The Floor (Satoshi Ohno solo)
Genres: japanese jpop jrock anime kpop


Genres: jpop

Armitages Dimension Jpop/Jrock/Anime, 40,000+ Songs, User Requests, Live Chat and more!

Hikasa Youko - Shingeki no Kyojin ED Single - Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai : 01 Utsukushiki Zankoku
Genres: anime japanese pop jpop jrock

Mc Radio - Somos Como Tu

FictionJunction YUUKA - Kouya Ruten
Genres: jpop

Big B Radio #AsianPop - The Hot Station for Asian Music

Loveholic - Flowerpot
Genres: asian jpop kpop cpop chinese

Friends Forever

Cyndi Seui - Coffee-Milk Crazy
Genres: japanese jpop eclectic

JPHiP Radio

Lazygunsbrisky - Happy Night
Genres: jpop kpop cpop hip hop

Power 945 Radio - Your Anime & Gaming Connection -

SPYAIR - Imagination
Genres: jpop

Anime Radio Canciones de Anime 100 en Español Spanish Anime Songs

Jessica Toledo - evangelion - latino completo
Genres: anime rock pop jrock jpop

Mc Radio - Auto DJ - Somos Como Tu

Genres: anime jmusic jpop jrock ost

Radio Tv Anime Aumi Mizusaki

Gotou Yuuko - Taiyou to Daisy
Genres: anime seiyuus jpop kpop

Studio 1UK

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)
Genres: jpop

About Jpop Music

J-pop is an abbreviation for japanese pop music. As a musical genre, j-pop fuses the western musical influences of rock and pop with traditional japanese music. J-pop made its way into the mainstream music of japan during the 1990s and the term often now refers to most contemporary popular japanese music.

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