1. Toby Gribben

    Shout Radio Looking For Voluntary Presenters - All Genres

    Shout Radio is growing online radio station with a great community and a wide variety of shows and we are looking new online presenters to provide entertainment, information and of course, great music, 24 hours a day. Any genres of music or show are welcome so please check us out! Ideally you...
  2. B

    Want to attract more listeners to your station? We can help

    One of the biggest challenges internet radio producers face is bringing listeners to their stations. As well as providing great content for your listeners, the most important thing to consider is making your station as easy to find as possible, and this is done by making sure your station is...
  3. broadcastlaunch

    SMS messages from listeners

    Hi all, I'm James, the creator of Broadcast Launch. I made this software after working for a community radio station. They used an old Nokia 3310 to receive SMS messages from listeners, and used one computer in-studio to aggregate their listener interactions via social media. Let's just say...
  4. B

    Thank you guys!

    Hello Everyone! First I would like to thank everyone, both listeners and broadcasters for supporting Heat FM! You guys are truly amazing. With that being said, we have a few more spots that need to be filled. Please see below. If you are interested in filling any of these slots, please reply...
  5. L

    Listener numbers - sources?

    Hello! When I check my station here on, it seems like it shows the amount of listeners currently connected. As my statistic app shows lower numbers: From where do these numbers come from? I got a shoutcast stream and as well own apps for iOs and Android, but as the stream...
  6. MasterzRadio

    Flexible DJs, Flexible Hours, and Variety Shows

    Masterz Radio is an Internet Radio Station, Where the big focus is the Listeners. The premise of our station is the listeners picks them, and we play them. We are trying something new, having specialty Shows, giving the topic, yet, letting the DJ(s) run with the idea on the scheduled times...