131 Web Radio Scheduled Programs

Saturday 7am Australian Eastern DST
Friday 8pm GMT
Friday 3pm US & Canada Central
Retro Remix Show with Quasi
Two hours of classic 70s & 80s 12 inch singles


Monday 6am Australian Eastern DST
Sunday 7pm GMT
Sunday 2pm US & Canada Central
Live Cuts with Joel 'Rock God' Allen
An hour of the best live music ever recorded


Tuesday 7am Australian Eastern DST
Monday 8pm GMT
Monday 3pm US & Canada Central
Rewind To The 70s with Colin French
Two hours of 70s memories


Monday To Friday
12 Noon and 6pm Australian Eastern DST
1am and 7am GMT
Sunday To Friday
8pm and 2am US & Canada Central
The Rock Hour - Classic, Hard, And Heavy Rock
One Hour Unhosted


Tuesday 7pm Australian Eastern DST
Tuesday 8am GMT
Tuesday 3am US & Canada Central
12 Inch Tuesday - 70s, 80s, And 90s 12 Inch Remixes
Six Hours Unhosted


Friday 7am Australian Eastern DST
Thursday 8pm GMT
Thursday 3pm US & Canada Central
131 Arena - Recorded Live Music
Two Hours Unhosted


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