60's - 70's Rock with Dickie Lee and The Iceman

Dick Lee

Over 400 episodes of 60's - 70's Rock shows are available for free! The shows are of excellent production and present the listener with a flavor of what 60's and 70's rock-n-roll top 40 radio was like. The show features regional, unreleased, and live tracks from California's garage rock scene along with the hits of the era. I produce one to two shows per week and have over 400 shows in the can. Many of the episodes are "themed" shows that revolve around "Garage Rock," "The Summer of Love," "Woodstock," "Chuck Berry," "Frat Rock," "One Hit Wonders," "Yacht Rock," "Surf," "Disco," and "Psychedelic Music from the West Coast," etc.). The show is high energy a guareented to put smiles on your ears. You can access the latest twenty episodes by clicking on the following link: https://rleekgb30636.podomatic.com. Note, that there are no dates, commercials, or station I.D.'s in the episodes. Will provide promo's and station I.D.'s for your station. If interested, contact me at: rleekgb@comcast.net.


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