9am on a Friday morning is not off peak for a server restart...


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Hi Pete,

We can appreciate your frustration and sorry that this has interfered with your breakfast show.

Whenever we do such reboots / maintenance we always pick times that we identify as being when the website is usually at its quietest and less people are generally tuning in. We do have clients from all over the world (particularly in the US), so there is never really going to be an ideal time to do this such as at night which would be at peak time for them. But we do ensure that the downtime is kept to a minimal and the servers are brought back online as quick as possible.

We can only apologise for the inconvenience.
But we are on a UK server (The other UK server was restarted at 7am)... I think you need to take much much more consideration on this timing in the future, internet radio has grown, we have a sponsored breakfast show, with sponsored weather and an ad break missed, this is a lot of lost revenue. At 9:30 we have an interview with Colcheser MP Will Quince who is working hard to get us an Ofcom license. Literally head in hands here!


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Again, we are really sorry for all the disruption caused by this. All servers were rebooted at 9am (UK time). We didn't do anything at 7am though?

Unfortunately we ran into some further issues with our uk1 & uk3 servers after the reboot which is why this took a lot longer for some accounts to be brought back online than it did for others. You're account is hosted on our uk3 server. This is explained some more here: https://www.internet-radio.com/comm...ol-panel-server-maintenance.50407/#post-68666

Sure, we can fully appreciate what you are saying. But unfortunately this was a matter of urgency to carry this out this morning as a lot of other accounts were still having issues after yesterdays maintenance. Sorry once again!
Could I ask you to please consider better timing next time (during the night for UK servers), to minimise disruption to our services, after all the revenue we generate by being on air is what pays your bill.