A More Cost Effective Way of Sourcing Music


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It may interest radio professionals on this forum to know that I Like Music have just launched a .WAV download service called The Desktop Music Library.

I Like Music are commercial music suppliers to the BBC, and the owners of the Phil Swern collection, the most complete commercial music collection in existence, including every single UK top 40 since the charts began in 1952, and the majority of the US HOT 100 since 1954 - perfect for all those requests for rare and obscure tracks and one hit wonders! We update the library at a rate of 2,500 per week with chart and new/pre releases.

What makes the service unique though is that ALL tracks (unlike 'consumer' facing music services) are available in full CD quality (wav, 44.1khz, stereo, uncompressed, unencrypted) ready for broadcast, and FULL tracks available to audition.

The service is available for quarterly/annual subscriptions that offer tracks at the equivelant of 50p per track, and available to anyone who is fully licensed to broadcast copywrighted material.

The service can be viewed here Desktop Music Library - I Like Music and by clicking 'Try Before You Buy' you will be able to browse the catalogue (audio and download disabled)

If this is of interest, please message me or drop me an email desktopmusiclibrary@ilikemusic.com