Add your radio station to CrashFM

CrashFM is an Internet radio directory service.
Pushing your station out there via our website, Chrome Browser App, Mobile App and Social Media sites.
Not only that, it's also FREE for you.

Q: "Free, yeh sure, what's the price?"
A: No price :) all we ask is, you display a small logo of ours on your website and promote us by
word of mouth whenever possible.

Q: "I'm in, how can my station be added?"
A: simply add our code (image) to your website, back linking us then
email us at [CLICK FOR EMAIL] with the following details:

Radio Name
Radio Stream URL
Radio Website URL (needed for mobile app / social media)
Radio Image URL (needed for mobile app / social media)
Country (needed for mobile app)
Category (needed for mobile app) i.e. country, various, talk show, pop, rock etc

Our script will search your website for our link, once found, your station will be added.


<a href="" target="_blank">
  <img src="" alt="Crash FM Online Radio Stations">
You must link to our site from your website or you will not be added.
Our script will randomly check web sites and remove stations who do not maintain the link.
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