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Jingle's - Voiceovers

Hi RetroFm,

Check these guys out I use them, they have very quick turn round (Generally same day) if contact made early in the day and great rates too.



Glad you got sorted out. We've used RPC a lot for our idents and have been pleased with the results.

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fiver jingles

rpc are not that expensive i found they only actually charged me 8 quid for 3 jingles and they are of excellent quality you send me one of your jingles for a fiver and lets see if its as good as the ones ive had done ive got to admit the ones i had rpc do would be of a good enough quality for use @ the bbc


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Well now i buy my jingles off @ 2.99 EACH jingles are jingles @ the end of the day what the hell 8)


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Theres a good variety of options for Adverts + Jingles here. Top suggestions all round 8)