Any ideas on how to get more listeners?

I am asking the 65$ question: how do I get more listeners?

Play different music, I hear you say, well, OK, I am a specialist station (prog rock/ psychedelic pop/ jazz fusion etc.) but I believe its actually highly listenable & the kind of specialist station you'd expect on Internet Radio.

I do advertise on every ‘prog rock’ website I can think of – however as I feature the high quality end of pop (even Roxy Music, 10cc, Steely Dan) and the AOR side of Prog (e.g., Marillion, Asia) maybe I should be pitching the station differently?

I just wondered if anyone had any success stories they'd like to share.

Also, has anyone managed to get any advertising revenue? How many listeners do you think you'd need before being realistically able to interest advertisers?


If you played new music from my label we'd help advertise the station. I'm just currently exploring the possibilities for mutual back-scratching.

Drop me a line at we air new bands/artists and give dedicated airplay every Friday from 1-6pm EST USA to include a random tack from any of these bands/artists every 12 songs during our normal AutoDJ Segments. We also do a Live Tribute Show from time to time on the bands/artists that provide tracks to us. Many bands have done Voice overs for the station, sent CDs, poster etc for us to give away (not required) we do this for free.

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Linking with other stations within your chosen music genre helps also search online for Internet radio directories tune in radio stream finder plus many more submit your station details on most for free this increases online presence social media also Facebook twitter even MySpace this also helps people to find you and raises your presence
re: "I just wondered if anyone had any success stories they'd like to share."

In my honest opinion, Ancient Vedic Radio has succeeded all my expectations. This January will start my 3rd year. As far as my key components: everything is not-for-profit; I only play music from musicians who have personally giving me their blessing to do so; and 99% of the time I only "play the music inspired by ancient India." These things were part of the original formula. About all I have added since then is a photo slide show which gives my on-line presence a nice eye appeal (also with permission). But like you, I often ponder "how to get more listeners." Right now there have been tens of thousands of listeners the world over, but why not millions? On this note I am probably my own worst enemy as I am not a highly motivated or driven person. So I guess because of this, and considering how Ancient Vedic Radio is as popular as it is, does make it a success story. And as far competition, you bet, there are now dozens of Internet stations that play meditation, yoga & kirtan style music. However, I think I am the only one who produces their shows with a DJ (yours truly) who speaks now and then during the show. I limit this to 3 times per show, each show roughly an hour long. As far as getting new material, it is just amazing how famous musicians respond to me, after asking them for their permission to have them appear on Ancient Vedic Radio. Of course, they tell all their friends and this is another very important way I get more listeners. For example, "The Voice" has a copycat show in Russia. I had reached out on Facebook to one of the more popular contestants and he just wrote me back giving me his permission to play one of his tracks on my Dec. 5th show. Over these many months,this has repeated itself hundreds of times. Nobody has ever told me, "no." However, there are two musicians that I have not been able to get my request to. Anyhow, taking a little break today from my outside chores seeing how it is raining like crazy in Texas.. So this is my success story and some on how I get more listeners. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a business card that brings in many new listeners. I also create a poster for each show that I share around the Internet (Facebook & Tweeter). You can see at the bottom of my HOME page a free book offering. When I send out one of these free books I toss in a dozen business cards. Hoping you will also listen.

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