Any radio stations that plays latest songs?


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I have my favorite radio stations that i listened for 7 years was supposed to play new songs, latest songs, future songs, you name it and dismiss songs that are 1-3 months old but they no longer do it, they play old random songs from 2017 again and again and even older, totally boring. Some of my best station was closed wich was a big disappointment. I really really miss old days so much, from 2011-2017. In 2017 most radio station began to drop playing latest songs but still was worth until november 2017.

I spent a month looking for radio station that plays latest songs but only found 2 but they play very few new songs. Most radio stations even local ones are doing the same thing, plays old songs over and over. Can anyone help me find radio station that plays latest songs? i like pop, dance, edm, electronic and rock.