Artwork Display Issue.

Dear Anyone Who Can Help?!

Our system runs CentOS 6.5 with VirtualBox running X.P. as a guest, which has RadioDJ alongside Altacast sending data to Centovacast for distribution to the Internet.

We have used Audacity and MediaMonkey to catalogue the M.P.3's: Audacity to normalise and truncate, MediaMonkey to enter record label and release date, etc.

I was told fairly recently that there is no encoder that will transmit the artwork for each song to Centovacast, just the artist, title, and the audio itself.

One of the main problems we have is that we champion new artists and bands, some of which are unsigned, and therefore, artworks do not exist on any music database, such as iTunes, etc., although most have been found on the Digital Music section within

I contacted Centovacast about this, and they stated that while in theory I could use the artworks we have stored using MediaMonkey, it would mean extricating stored arrwork from within the .mp3, rename, and then re-upload to the specific directory within Centovacast for it to be displayed on our website when the song is played. This would mean going through 10,000's of songs, which they state is a bit silly, since a lot of these artists and bands will be established and therefore will be listed on music databases.

As for as the un-established artists are concerned, Centovacast suggested that again rather than an artwork extricating and renaming exercise, the entire file could just be uploaded as a normal .mp3, with AutoDJ permitted, but disabled, and when RadioDJ played the song, this information would be transmitted to Centovacast, and the song selected, but not played within AutoDJ, but the artwork would be shown as normal - the main disadvantage to this would be that the Record Library would, in effect, have to be uploaded twice to the same server: Once to RadioDJ (Playout System) and again to Centovacast.

Has anyone got any better ideas and/or software to suggest, using, under the circumstances we are in please, in order to get the correctly saved artworks shown when the song is played?

Your ideas and suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you.