Asking about the mbs


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hello to everyone i would like to ask something that is very very weird.......

on 21 of octomber the server shows me...that for 4 hours of streaming it charge about 1 gbs for 128 bitrates and on 22 of octomber for 6 hours charge me 5 gbs with the same bitdarate now a normal human brain if u do the math it doesnt make any sense at all so i would like a real good clever answer abiout this cause im doing a naughty thinkings


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Hi alexbreako2002 / m3lvino

The bandwidth is calculated every 24 hours so its possible when you checked the figures that days calculation still needed to be completed. We are very confident that the bandwidth figures are accurate. If you let us know how you calculated those figures in your message we can have a further look for you. Not sure what you mean by 'naughty thinkings' either ?