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Is there a way to get the Auto DJ to not select the same 'Station Identification' as much as 4 times in a row? That happened to me recently. I have the ID Playlist set to play an ID after every 3 songs - and I heard the same ID 4 times at the 3 song interval. I removed the file from the ID 'playlist' to put a stop to that.

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This is an issue with the software which has not been resolved. One possible solution is to load the ID playlist with multiple files of the same IDs, e.g., ID#1 load three times, ID#2 load three times, ID#3 load three times. Once the software plots the hours going forward, it will be forced to select the different files.


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Hi Chris,

This is not a bug or software issue as Chill & Hip Hop has said as such, but they are right in suggesting that work around.

You have this all correctly set to play a file from your interval playlist randomly, the issue is more so the amount of files it has to play from. Even though you have 12 files in the playlist this will occasionally happen from time to time compared to say if you had something like 50. Also as you have this set to play a ID file every 3 tracks then the probability of this happening is increased.


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We would personally reduce the frequency of when one of the ID fies is played.