Bad mannered Dj and unrespectful


If a DJ came to.your station and was a great DJ but didnt have FacebookTwitter and Instagram never had but you gave him
The time to teach him it and then after 2 weeks he just came on at on a Saturday was doing till 11pm gets to 9.50pm and messages your GM saying. The boss and boss lady camt be bothered to turn up to my show I find it unacceptable and said I quiet and went back to hos own station with no auto dj and a show only he does once a week strange and when you message him on email or anywhere saying sorry we didnt lock in but we have not had a night off of radio for 3 month straight dont get a reply in over a week and a half disrespectful or is it just me .i have 7 DJ soon to be 9 and bern running nearly 3 yrs found it strange. Is it me or should you think wtf also and rude not replying as we dont see other than having a night off first in 3month what we did wrong


You did nothing wrong PopS. I didn't expect him to last as long as he did with you.
He is a nasty piece of work for sure!!!
Contact me off forums if you like PopS.
DJ name is Daniel Martin
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