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No conversation about bollywood music and punjabi music marketing would be complete without the word FREE INDIAN RADIO or FREE PAKISTANI RADIO rearing its ugly head time and time again. Few desi songs sell well at retail without it. None sell millions without it. You've got your CDs manufactured and you could also download hindi songs for free from different website.. like and apniisp or anyother website now what can YOU do about it?
Radio is the only medium that gets songs to an audience through Online Internet radio on a REPEATED basis (meaning, a person can hear a song on a particular station 20 or 50 or 100 times...just compare that to TV, film, print...or even touring.)
The question that arrives is how do we get the songs we like to play on a radio station? www.BindasRadio.comis the answer to all the questions. It is that weblink where you can listen to all bollywood songs and latest and happening hindi music for FREE and download hindu music at the same time from top 6 charts. You can catch the RJs and the DJs and live chat with them through It is only that weblink which helps you to download the top indian songs and top pakistani songs for the month within some clicks.
The entertainment that the radio jockeys of Bindas Radio simultaneously provides to listeners is something that makes people tune in to Bindas Radio for long hours. The Radio jockeys fill the people's life with entertainment by playing non-stop hindi and pakistani music. They inspire people to achieve higher goals in life.
People can listen to their favourite hindi and pakistani music as well as high star rated hindi and pakistani songs by accessing To add more spice, Bindas Radio also allows some amazing features such as sending text messages to RJs, downloading the latest tracks from the newly released hindi flicks, greeting your loved ones,etc. Thus, people can handsomely utilize the services which are being offered by Bindasradio, the only online hit music portal which gives you hindi, pakistani, punjabi and desi music 24/7 three six five.

Tired?! sit back, relax, tune into and let the music heal your soul.. because WE PLAY IT WITH STYLE.
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