Boost.FM is looking for UK DJs!


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We are currently on the hunt for some new talent to join our existing global line up of stellar DJs. With our 2 year station birthday coming up in less than a month, and our brand new site almost completed for launch I thought that it was time I scouted out some new talent to join us. We're a community site based heavily in the USA/AU & UK. Infact one of our UK Dj's is organising WaveForm festival which we have a stage on that some of our djs will be performing from.

That aside, we need more Trance, PsyTrance, Electro, Breaks, DubStep, DnB, Chillout djs to play. We have a pretty decent setup system we'd like to believe... and as the owner im proactive and always listening to feedback and improving the station where I can. We have a team of 3 admins, and 8 crew who help run the boat so there's always support around.

If your keen to play and get some exposure hit up our site, BoostFM - Electronic Dance Music, Listen Live 24/7 (You can preview the in development site on Boost.FM - Free Internet Radio) We are in the works of some very cool things like mobile apps and other things we cant announce yet cause its top sekret :p

If you like the look of the site and what we do, and you feel you have some skills and want to join the party head to BoostFM - Electronic Dance Music, Listen Live 24/7

The process takes a week as our crew review and take an anonymous vote on all applicants, once thats taken place if the applicant is accepted we then organise a soundcheck and you go to trial status. Which limits to 4 broadcasts p/month (more if your dam good) and 250mb of mix storage. Once you hit 16hours live air time we upgrade if all has gone well to either Resident or Boost DJ. With that you get 16 slots per month, 1gb of storage and residents get to pick a reserved slot where their mixes will be replayed weekly.

Anywho just putting this out there.. if your interested hit up the links.

Website: BoostFM - Electronic Dance Music, Listen Live 24/7

DJ Application: BoostFM - Electronic Dance Music, Listen Live 24/7