Can you offer something a little bit different?

Mad Wasp Radio is a Internet radio station which started in September 2017 and has been coming on in leaps and bounds ever since – some of our shows regularly trend on Twitter, so someone must like us. We pretty much avoid chart-based music but are always interested in anything a little bit 'different' – whether it be music, comedy or spoken word. And we're ALWAYS interested in anything new or alternative that doesn't get much airplay on mainstream radio.

Areas we currently cover include (a healthy dose of) punk, new wave, post-punk, Americana, Mod, Indie, goth, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, jazz, 70s, 80s, Tudor music(!), British subcultures, films, electronic/EDM, Japanese music, prog rock and the interference of the state in our every day lives!

So if you have a show that you think might suit us – regardless of whether it's in the list above or not – then please give us a shout.

Thank you,

Mad Wasp Radio