Cannot change genre with my icecast server


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Hello, .. I guess I have no clue how to change my genre even.. for my icecast server on Bdon radio.
It's set to pop and i tried going into the admin ctrl panel, says i'm not allowed to administrate it or w/e.
Just trying to change the genre from pop back to rock like I had with my old station?

Any help appreciated TY.


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Hi bdon713,

You can set your genres under your control panels configuration settings. Navigate to the 'Mount Points' section and then for your /stream mount click on the 'Metadata Overrides' tab and then under this section you can set your stations genre settings.


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okay - was able to do things like make it 'Public' thru that and i think change the stream name again? IDK if it takes awhile to rollover. - Everytime i try to update the genre (NOT leave blank etc) it doesnt show up after reset or stop then start-up again.. not sure if it takes awhile to kick in ?? TY though 4 the help!