Can't generate Authhash in Shoutcats server admin


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Hi all!
I managed to register myself for free account at, it has generated authhash key for my station but now I can't add this into the shoutcast server.
Tried different option - went into my server admin page (hosted by clicked Create Authhash and this has redirected me back into

If I try to copy and paste the authhash key from shoutcast into the shoutcast server administration page but it doesn't fit into the field and also can't be saved! The field takes only 20 chars, but hash key is longer.
So I am basically in a loop situation where it only redirects me between profile and my shoutcast server hosted here.
Would and expert be able to help me add this authhash key and enable my station in shoutcast directory. - this is my server

AutoDJ is set as Public
In centovacast config my station is set as Always Public Server

Any help is welcome!


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Hi houseradio,

Yes we are aware that have recently changed the way in which this all works with their authhash settings and it now requires your server account to be running their very latest version of Shoutcast v2.6 which we do not run at this time here on our servers (which is v2.5).

Our Shoutcast version gets updated along side Centovacast (the control panel software), so when the next Centovacast update comes out we imagine we'll see a newer Shoutcast version too. We could upgrade just Shoutcast itself to v2.6, but we run the risk of compatibility issues with Centovacast so it's best we leave it to the Centova guys.

Hopefully an update (or Centovacast v4) will be on its way very soon!


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Üdvözlet, a fenti bejegyzéseket '19-ben írták. most a 20-as félúton vagyunk. mikor lesz egy frissítés, amely a Shoutcast v2.6-ot kezeli? We would like to appear on the market