Centova Control Phone App?


I'm getting familiar with the Centova control via PC on the web, and it seems to work fairly well. I was looking for an Android app so I could log in and check things when I'm not at my computer, found a Centova app CentovaCast CP and tried it, but was unable to get it to log in to the control for my stream. It doesn't like my Control Panel address

Perhaps the app I found was linked to a particular streaming service, or I didn't know how to configure it properly. Any suggestions? I'd really rather not use a browser on the phone as the PC web based control has a lot of small print detail.


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Hi Dvcat123,

Yes this is likely linked to just a particular streaming service. As far as we know that app was developed by 'Listen2myradio' (there isn't an "official" Centovacast app).

The control panel address that you should be entering is https://control.internet-radio.com:2199 but if that does not work then we have no other suggestions for you unfortunately.
FWIW I did try using it with the correct control panel address, and it connected and worked although with a bit of latency for commands.

Sadly, it does not save your login settings so you have to remember them. But it is handy to have available.