Cherokee Nation Radio Is Paying DJ/Presenters


Cherokee Nation Radio is looking for DJ/Presenters who would like to grow with an internet radio station. We are experiencing rapid growth as we have the honor of being featured in a national magazine called "Nashville Country Music Magazine."

Cherokee Nation Radio is now in the position to pay its Presenters/DJs. Our new program will begin on July 1, 2020. DJ/Presenters will be paid for their services each month. If you want to get in on this opportunity contact us today.
There is a requirement for two shows per week. If interested please email us at

We interview new artists, we will soon be interviewing established artists thanks to our association with Dan Knight of Steam Whistle Records/ Nashville Country Music Magazine.

We are looking for experienced Presenters/DJs. We will also provide training to become a DJ if you would like to learn how. We run this station, not for profit, fame, or fortune but to provide entertainment for the lovers of music. We run it because we love what we do. If you love country music, come to the station where "Country Music Is At Its Best."

We are primarily a country station but we are broadening our horizons so we love all genres of music. Interested, drop us a message today.

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