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Click Radio UK - LIVE at 20:00 GMT TODAY!

Click Radio UK LIVE Tonight at 20:00 GMT
Broadcasting from a secret location in Oxford, UK. Your weekly mix of music, chat, current affairs and comedy. The one and only procrastination station.

This week’s show - TV Adverts. The good, the bad and the absolute bullcrap!

All of us at one time or another have been amused, confused and/or angered by some of the TV advertisements that sprawl across our screens roughly every 15 minutes or so. Occasionally there’s a golden nugget of genuine interest and entertainment, but predominantly TV adverts are nothing more than a slew of deliberately ambiguous awfulness. It’s time someone addressed this and cleared up some of the mess that these marketing master-bastards have created in the minds of the general public. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to spearhead the campaign tonight at 20:00 GMT. Open up your ears, clean out your eyes and start reading between the lines.

  • TV advertisement discussion
  • Great music and listener’s requests (almost) always fulfilled
  • Aphex Twin song of the week
  • Prank phone calls
  • The best of the web this week
  • New viral video alerts
  • Current affairs chit-chat
  • Recommendations and links for your weekly time-wasting sessions
  • LOADS more!
Jon’s back in business and will be joining us for the entire show. Welcome him back with a fire extinguisher to the face… again.

So join us at 20:00 GMT, only at Click Radio UK for 2 hours of entertainment on your sleepy Sunday evening.

See you there!

Matt x