Club Lux | Looking For DJs/Presenters


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Club Lux aims to recreate an authentic club experience 100% online. Through the use of our multiple licensed radios and our own Discord server we can bring people from across the world into a online space to talk, play games, enjoy music, interact with our DJs and so much more.

**All our stations are legal**

Benefits of being a Lux DJ/Presenter
  • Stations are listed on multiple directories. (myTuner, Streamitter, StreamFinder, LiveRadio, LiveOnlineRadio, ListenOnlineRadio, etc)
  • Lots of openings to fit your schedule/availability
  • Money making potential with custom merchandise designed by you
  • Access to thousands of properly tagged music
Expectations of being a Lux DJ/Presenter
  • Play music in line with any one of these: Pop 2000's to Today, Current Top 40, Current Hip-Hop, EDM Genres, House Genres
  • Good quality microphone and internet connection
  • A weekly show minimum

Check out our website here
Check out our Discord server here

**If interested please fill out this form**
We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Lux family.