Community Radio Station Looking For Volunteers.

This is a slightly different advertisement to the usual you find here on these forums, looking for presenters of D.J.'s to 'play at radio'.

We are a small group of radio enthusiasts based in the South East of England, looking to start a Community Radio service in an area which has no local radio at all, and are looking for people to help.

We need everything, from accommodation/premises, equipment, fund-raisers - you name it, we need it!

Our intention is to provide a local radio service, firstly online, then to graduate to digital.

If you're interested in helping, whether it is to help with investing and funding, or a place for our studio, please E-Mail: in the first instance.

And yes, we will require producers/presenters eventually, so if you are willing to chip in and help, even at this stage, let us know!

Thanks for your interest and for reading.


How much work have you done so far in the local community where the station will serve..I presume paper advets,inviting people who may be interested to a local meeting, to see what support you would get for such a station.How much work have you put in already?


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I am in a similar situation down in the South West. We're looking to create a radio station that is rooted within the community, unlike the BBC.

I think write a plan about where you want to be, and what you think you'll need to get there. Then write another plan on how far along this plan you are already.

I'm in a slightly more fortunate position in that I have a lot of the equipment already, but no place or further funding.

MAybe apply to arts grants etc? What do you have already