Control Panel Upgrades


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We have just implemented some new control panel upgrades which mostly have improvements and many fixes.

New Features

  • Added EXPERIMENTAL browse-by-disk-folder support to media library


  • Significantly improved performance of log processing performance improvements and better handling of very large logs
  • Significantly improved performance of IP geolocation operations
  • Added better handling of invalid AJAX responses received from server
  • Added more verbose logging to cron job to better diagnose problems
  • Minor performance improvement/bandwidth reduction in RPC/AJAX responses
  • Relaxed username validation to allow usernames beginning with digits
  • Song request fields now remain populated if a submission error occurs
  • Stream settings link on quick links page no longer opens in new window
  • Improved handling of bad album cover images
  • Improved handling of incorrectly-encoded MP3 files in ID3 tag processor
  • Symbolic links in skeletons are no longer dereferenced before copying
  • Added better AJAX error handling
  • Added better debugging to
  • All media file extensions supported are now accepted as intro/fallback file types
  • Updated IceCast skeleton configuration file


  • Fixed bad reply-to addresses on song request E-mails
  • Fixed bug in which M3U importer might not launch when clicked
  • Fixed bug in which multi-payload AJAX responses would be mishandled
  • Fixed bug in which log viewer pagination might show one more page than actually existed
  • Fixed iframe RPC problems in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed AJAX character encoding error in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed metadata parsing bug in Ogg files
  • Fixed bug in which track durations might be recorded incorrectly
  • Fixed bug in which encoder settings were shown to (but unusable by) resellers
  • Corrected mount point detection issue with IceCast servers
  • Changed "minute(s)" captions to "second(s)" in ShoutCast advanced settings

Let us know if you notice any issues.
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