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Hello there. My name is Sam Wilson - the founder and director of Country Radio USA Productions, an online radio network based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) distributing syndicated country music programming to online and non-commercial FM stations across the globe. In just 6 months since founding, our programming has found its way onto some of the highest-rated country stations across the internet, including KDUB Hit Country (Princeton, KY), TNN Country Radio (Merrimac, MA), CMR Nashville (United Kingdom), and The Bull FM88 (Charters Towers, Australia).

I was wondering if any of you guys would express any interest in airing any of my shows on your stations. I have a weekly themed program called “Cross Country USA.” Each week, I pick a new theme and play country songs that relate to it. For example, a “Small Town USA” show would have Justin Moore’s “Small Town USA,” Brantley Gilbert’s “What Happens in a Small Town,” and Hal Ketchum’s “Small Town Saturday Night” in its playlist. Themes in past shows have ranged from artists hailing from specific states to chart accomplishments. It’s a really fun, unique show that my listeners absolutely love!

The other show I produce is called the Young Country Stampede. It’s a contemporary country show that focuses on exposing listeners to upcoming singles and new releases that haven’t impacted country radio yet, along with a few recurrent hits. It’s a great way to introduce your listeners to new artists and singles. Bob Krebs, a DJ from New Mexico, hosts the program for me.

In addition, I help to distribute a handful of shows for other stations that air my two shows. These are as follows:

1.) 615 The Grind - Hosted by radio veteran Nile "Big Daddy" Peaytt straight from Nashville, this hour-long weekly program brings its listeners the best in today's country, along with the latest music news from the Music City. In airing the program, you'll be both entertaining and educating your listeners with a robust variety of country music and industry happenings, all presented by our most seasoned on-air talent.

2.) 90’s Country Flashback - Each week, host Nile "Big Daddy" Peaytt plays a full hour of the biggest hits from the greatest decade in country music history, from the neotraditionalist movement set in place by the "Class of '89" to the country pop craze of the latter half of the decade. You'll hear Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, Joe Diffie, Trisha Yearwood, LeeAnn Rimes, and so many others who continue to connect and resonate with country listeners after 20-30 years! Nile will also share the latest news as it pertains to the artists of the time, as well as fun facts and song trivia.

3.) Top Country Countdown - Coming June 2020, a 4-hour weekly country countdown program playing the top 50 country hits according to the Mediabase Airplay Chart, plus some throwbacks and awesome features. Hosted by Ben Beaulieu of TNN Radio in Merrimac, Massachusetts.

All of these programs are available for all stations to air free of charge. I’m pretty much open to having the shows aired in any time slot you have open, although most of my affiliates choose to air Cross Country USA on Saturdays and the Young Country Stampede on Sundays. I have attached some recent editions of Cross Country USA, Young Country Stampede, 615 The Grind, and 90’s Country Flashback for your listening pleasure. The imaging in the shows for “TNN Radio” and “KDUB Hit Country” (my 2 flagship stations) obviously wouldn’t be in the show copies your station would receive.

Don’t hesitate to give my shows a listen, and tell me what you think - you can reach me at

Have a great week.

Sam Wilson
Country Radio USA, Founder & Director

Show Samples:

1.) Cross Country USA - Artists from Oklahoma:

2.) Cross Country USA - Ladies in the 90’s:

3.) Young Country Stampede - February 2nd Edition:

4.) Young Country Stampede - January 26th Edition:

5.) 615 The Grind - January 25th Edition:

6.) 615 The Grind - January 18th Edition:

7.) 90’s Country Flashback - February 2nd Edition:

8.) 90’s Country Flashback - January 26th Edition: