Country Station Needing Midday Talent. PAID gig!


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Are you interested in making some extra cash? Do you like country music from the 90s to now with a focus on today’s biggest stars? Are you looking to join a growing internet radio station with a big market, professional sound and not those stereotypical niche internet stations? Does voice tracking from home, on your time, using just an internet browser sound convenient for you?

Join us at Blue Crab Broadcasting, a small broadcasting company based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are proud to be one of the few internet radio stations that is a licensed business. We have 2 internet radio stations, Y Country and Sunny 105. We pride ourselves on quality, commercial free programming offering local news, weather and traffic updates every weekday morning and afternoon. We reach more than 30,000 people every month and growing between our 2 stations. We do not generate revenue from radio commercials. We make our profit by offering our clients custom websites, voiceovers and audio production.

As mentioned above, this is a PAID gig. You will not get rich off of this opportunity and don’t expect to quit your day job but we do not want you “volunteering“ or working for free. Your air shift will have 5-6 breaks per hour from 10am-2pm Eastern time. Payment to you will be made monthly at a rate of $50 USD sent via PayPal.

If you want to join a small, locally owned business as an on air personality for Y Country, send in your demo to Aaron via email: