CRP is looking for Disc Jockeys and Podcasts

Casey Kasem

New Member
Hello to everyone out there in radio land. First i want to take a second to say thanks to all of you that have made our new station a smash hit. We have had a ton of listeners in the past week and we are gaining new ones each day. Since we are growing, we are currently looking for DJ's and Voice Trackers. You must be comfortable with speaking on air, and if you want to do a live show, you must have the software required. If you are lookig to simply voice track, that would be great as well and we are looking for several people to do shows. If you are intersted you can contact us Here and give us a little info about what you are looking to do, and a show sample. The demo doesn't need to be anything fancy, just you announcing a song or speaking to the listeners, or what ever you would like us to hear :) Be looking forward to hearing from you!