Daytime DJs - For station with Good listener count and mobile apps


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We are after a DJ to do a Lunch time show 10-1pm and a Afternoon DJ from 1-4pm U.K TIMES. if you want to join a station with a good listener count fb,twitter and instagram of its own that u will have access to to promote your shows .a ststion with android and ioS APPS, a short code to text the studio on starting your message with the word extra and a exclusively to iconicextra staff panel which hpuses our requests via the website the text requests and the listen count and a discord thats active WITH DJs and listeners AND a station with 10 DJs and growing then come take a look at as with our friendly Discord family friends and DJs It is the only station that gives the listeners EXTRA. If you would like to join our team and are over 16yrs of age have your own microphone and software to broadcast then contact us by going to and filling out the become a dj tab and clicking enter .or by sending us a email at with a little about u like where u are from your preferred slot and experience you may have ,what software u use etc and myself or the co/owner will respond to u within 24hrs .so come on if these slots suit u what are you waiting for with 2 ex FM DJs here its got to be the station to join.