difficulty in applying scheduled / time activated playlist

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I am using AutoDJ in shoutcast control panel. I have created various playlists.
But I am not able to play Scheduled type playlist at the given time or general rotation playlist which is supposed to start at specified time,
What can be the reason? Which time format i am supposed to give? local time or GMT?
When I manually select that playlist, it plays perfectly.
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Hi Parijat Radio,

You will want to set your 'Time Zone' settings under the 'Stream' tab of the configuration settings to your own local time. If you change this you will also need to fully stop and then restart the server again for the new timezone configuration to take full effect.

I've taken a look at your playlists and files and you do not seem to have that many files uploaded. If you do not run any live streams and only intend to use the AutoDJ feature then please be aware that this needs to be left running 24/7, you cannot just set a few playlists for certain times of the day and the AutoDJ will automatically play them and then stop the stream again until a later scheduled playlist. The general rotation playlists are intended to fill the time in between scheduled playlists. So you will want to add more files so this is not repeating the same few files that you have uploaded over and over again.

Please also be aware that tracks on the AutoDJ playlists are never interrupted mid-track. So if a track was playing from another playlist just before a scheduled playlist set for 11:00AM was due to start, the system would wait for that track to finish first. So, if for example the track playing was 5 minutes long, it will run for the full 5 mins before the scheduled playlist kicks in therefore causing it to play at around 11:05AM instead.

So you need to build your playlist lengths and the various start times taking these factors into consideration.