Disciples of Rock looking for a home

Sean Wilkie

I have 20 yrs exp dj and owning stations online. I am now in the business of promoting my own show. I can dj live on Monday or Wed nights from 7 to 11 pm CST. If you want me to follow all kinds of rules you will need to pay as I do this on a volunteer basis, but if you need reports or verfications or any other bull shit then you will have to pay the standard rate of 20 dollars an hour. So if you need a rock dj then hit me up asap as I am wanting to go live again my email is djcru68@hotmail.com and I use VDJ if you dont know it your not in touch at all its Vitrual dj period make it work for you. Yes I seem like an ass but I am not I have again 20 yrs in the biz but have in the last year turned down 5 jobs because peeps can not do simple shit like provide a working encoder and have fans I am not on to do the work for you for free. But as far a dj you wont fine better.