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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by AyeYooKidd, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. AyeYooKidd

    AyeYooKidd New Member

    Hi ,

    Looking to join anybody's team internet radio who wants flavor added to their radio station and get the listners hyped. I only do the common genre I love which are hip-hop, urban, rap , top 40 , slow jams and old school music. If your interested please let me know I'm ready to join your team and get the airwaves H O T :) . Also I would love to join a team who has drops where I can use the stations drops during my show timeframe ( if possible ) . Also I am a mixologist so I will be on the tables ( turntables ) mixing live on the 1's & 2's

    Thanks ,
    DJ Kidd
  2. hitsfmuk

    hitsfmuk New Member

  3. TheChartCountdown

    TheChartCountdown New Member

    hi there I'm interested in what you got to offer email me at
  4. Please email me at
  5. Jah Serb

    Jah Serb New Member

    I am the admin for and we have a nice amount of followers and listeners, on twitter well over 50k.
    We have a nice selection of selectors from around the globe, playing a bit of everything, reggae, soul, afro funk, dnb, dancehall, rnb, but we still have few slots available. We promote our dj's every day, we've broadcasted live from Lord Gellys sound (Notting Hill carnival) and we have lots of things stored for our TGM Radio family. We are also very supportive of each other.

    Please have a listen, have a look on our website and if you like what you hear and see, let me know.

    Many thanks,


  6. Michael Morris

    Michael Morris New Member

    hello dj wildman jensen of razr radio i'm interested in your post come see me at
  7. Demo

    Demo Active Member

    2011 post :(
    @ PK, We should get together on bringing back Elvis :)
  8. Cary Brown

    Cary Brown New Member

    Hi. My name is Cary, radio station is CAB Muzik Radio, we're in the US. Station is a little over a year and listeners are growing. We play RnB, Reggae, jazz funk etc. Looking for presenters like yourself to join the team.
    If you are interested contact me at

  9. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Seriously Cary!, thread started June 2011.
  10. John C McQuaid

    John C McQuaid New Member

    Hi there
    I am setting up a new Internet Radio station that will be based in the Longbridge Area of Birmingham

    What you do would be ideal and what I would be looking for on my station
    I am not looking for station based DJ's (Unless you want to)
    Would this be a problem !
    Would you be interested in joining in

    Do you have any words of advise for me

    I look forward to your response

    Email me at

    John McQuaid
  11. Matt Skills

    Matt Skills New Member

  12. DJBond

    DJBond New Member

    You guys know that this post is from 2011 LOL
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  13. PaulPoacher

    PaulPoacher New Member

    Showcase Radio are looking for Presenters. We have many Slots Currently available please contact us by Email:
  14. strawbs1989

    strawbs1989 New Member

    Are you retired? Stuck at home ? Wanting a Hobby? Love Music and People?
    We at Urban' Urban8 Radio Are Looking For DJ"s with experience or no experience.
    We will train you to become an online DJ. IT's FREE. @ We are a 3-year-old non-profit family orientated Internet Radio station
    . Looking to GROW. We play all different genres of music but no grunge music or foul language music.
    Contact the manager DJ Devil E-Mail her @
    If you think you have the time and want a hobby that is fun, REWARDING and Great way to meet new people

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