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Following a fun 9 months or so at another station that's now become very very unreliable with it's servers, I am looking for a new station to call my home. Now, before you message, or post in the thread below, please please read my post. It'll stop you wasting time when I'm totally unsuitable for you and you're totally unsuitable for me.

A bit about me then. I'm not a 'top 40' or dance dj. Far from it! I do an interactive talk based show, but with music playing (3-5 songs per hour) to give some separation and give me a break. People who love the show tend to really love it. People who hate it, well, they're not welcome! And I have a facebook group which means I'd be expecting to take some listeners across with me. I don't know how much loyalty they'd show, but I'd be expecting a few people at least to jump across with me. Oh and the music in question is generally 80s stuff.

First thing I'll want to see is your station's website. And if there's any 'under construction' pages or broken links, it'll look bad. It may not sound like much, but to me, this shows deeper problems - the owner clearly doesn't have the time for the website and therefore it follows, for the station as a whole. Don't get me wrong - it doesn't have to look fantastic, but it must be complete.

I'd be looking at doing 2, maybe 3 shows a week, of 2, maybe 3 hours each. I have a real job - internet radio is a hobby. Slots would have to be 9pm or later. And a UK based station with PRS is a must. A listener base and some history would be a big plus.

Finally (and this is the difficult part) my show is proud to attract some of the stranger members of society, most of them seemingly obsessed with self pleasure. As such, there's often bad language, suggestions of a sexual nature and some very tasteless jokes and references. My new home will have to accept that some of it's current listenership may be offended.

Oh one more thing. I'd pretty much want free reign of things when I'm on air. My show, my playlist, my topics, my callers and as few rules as possible, because I'll probably break them.

What does my new happy home get in return for taking on this bloke with a list of demands? A very reliable presenter who'll bring a few new listeners with him, but will want to get new ones, get them interacting and give them a show they'll talk about to their friends and tune in everytime they're around - even look forward to it. And I don't even want to be paid. Although it'd be nice!!!

Is your station looking for something new, exciting and different in the evenings? I look forward to hearing from you!

Ringo (not my real name!)