DJ Joe D: Hello Coffee Lovers...Tassimo vs. Keurig

DJ Joe D

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A lot of you may have received one of these single-cup "intelligent" coffee/beverage makers over the holidays as a present or bought one for yourself. The DJ Joe D family ended up picking up the Tassimo model and we love it! Many people ask what are some of the notable differences between the 2 units and which one would be better for them?

Head over to the DJ Joe D blog... DJ Joe D (

Go to the blog entry: "Hello Coffee Lovers...Tassimo vs. Keurig" and read up about both the differences and similarities!

Let us know what you think. Do you own one or the other unit or both? Are you thinking about buying one of these products? What are your experiences? Which do you prefer. Just leave some comments at the blog entry. We are interested in knowing your thoughts!