DJ Joe D: What are your New Years' Resolutions for 2011?

DJ Joe D

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Happy Friday!

So one week ago was New Year's Eve! How many of you made New Years' resolutions? How many of you have broken them by now...1 week into the New Year?

Your simple task today is to let us know what your new years' resolutions are for 2011.

Go to the blog: DJ Joe D ( and look for the blog entry "Happy Friday! Have you broke your New Years' Resolutions yet?" You can leave your list in the comments section.

You can also let us know if you think you have a good chance of keeping them and why! Anything else you want to mention is also welcomed!

So, what are you waiting for. Let us know and get back to work!

BTW, DJ Joe D made no resolutions this year...still working on some of the others I made in years' past:eek::):D