DJ, Radio Presenter, On Air Talent Needed for Collaboration


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Hi everyone.

Now let me be honest with you!

I’m trying to get involved into this online radio community. I feel as though I should give you a bit of background of myself so hears a link that has a bit of information about me and what not. Just put this profile together just now hence profile pic still pending.

Like most station owners on hear I’m looking to populate the schedule with anyone and everyone that’s willing to get involved and that has a passion of some kind.

Whether that be wanting to host a live chat show or sending over a mixtape. Or actually doing a live DJ mix on air. Voice tracking Etc....I’m sure you all know most of the capabilities and the things you can do with online radio.

I’ve already got a a couple of People on board and interested but still haven’t got to the point of the first live broadcast.

Now I’m a drummer in pubs and clubs and day to day I’m a window cleaner at the moment. So you know this is more just a hobby ya know.

Just putting this out there and seeing if anyone responds to it....

Best Wishes

Charlie from Black Coke