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Cyber Vybez Radio

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We are a young internet radio station, about to celebrate our 1st birthday! and we are looking to recruit new, talented DJs to join our family. Our current team is small, but with an amazing amount of talent and we are looking for like minded people.
Who are we?
We are a family run station from the UK and Australia, but our current DJs are from all over the globe, including Finland, the Netherlands and USA. We are a 24/7 radio/tv station with the capability to stream using video and audio, or just audio if preferred. We aim to showcase the talents of our DJs and get them as much exposure as possible on the world wide web! In addition we like to try and give back to the world, running charity events every quarter to try and raise money for worthy causes.
All our DJs stream from home, so you will need equipment and a decent internet connection to play for us. We have video and audio capability as mentioned before and can be found via a myriad of radio and social media apps, including TuneIn, Periscope, Mixer, Youtube, Twitch, RadioNet and many more. We also offer the functionality to connect to your FB pages to stream live on there too. Of course we also stream directly to our own website at - so come check us out!
All our shows are recorded and used during the times when a live DJ is not playing - the audio is also uploaded to our Mixcloud account as well as sent to our podcasts on Spotify, Deezer and Itunes.
We ask for a £10 a month contribution towards running costs, payable via paypal where possible, but other options are available. This secures a regular weekly 2 hour show, although during times when there is no live DJ planned - you can also grab some more air time if wanted! In our opinion the more the station is live, the better.
Although we are a young station, we do have regular listeners and a chatroom. Since we started, our listener hours have been increasing EVERY month - with January 2020 seeing over 27300 listener hours. We encourage all of our DJs to promote their shows as much as possible, but will also do what we can as a station via all our social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We aim to continue this upward trend and this is all down to the talent of our DJs.
We hold a charity event every quarter to try and give back to local and global charities. These are completely voluntary to take part in, but we try to get as many people involved as we can and raise money for charities that impact on our DJ family. We have done events for Cancer Research UK, Dementia UK and St Anthonys SF so far and we hope to do many more! As well as our own DJs we recruit as many guests as possible to take part to make the events exciting and to raise as much as possible!
Contact Us
So if you think this sounds like the kind of station you would like to join and support, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you!