!!! DJ'S WANTED !!!



We are looking For Dj's who would love to broadcast with us we are a friendly Bunch of people at sparks 108 FM we have DJ's from all over the world who play weekly show with us from the UK To The USA,Sparks FM is based in the heart of London and we have been around since 2000 and we continue to keep growing.
so you are wondering what do i need to Apply for this right? below i have set everything out for you that you need to know...

To apply for this Position fill out the form Here
to apply for this Position you must have some knowledge of radio broadcasting and must have broadcast on radio before.
if you have any questions please email us at markysparks99@gmail.com
Visit our radio website here: https://sparks-fm.com
Copy And past our player code below and Embed it to your website or Blog :) /​
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