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Hello support...recently i purchased some bandwith form you under the pay as you go scheme, under the name of mactraxradio. I already have bandwith purchased under my own name "cearul". The problem is with the mactraxradio stream there seems to be alot of dropouts. I have not streamed above the set biterate and have had my djs in holland,england and ireland stream their music while i listen and even at a biterate of 112kbps and still dropouts. I would be grateful if this could be fixed as i cannot contemplate going live until this is sorted.( ps. Apologies for the email i sent direct to yourselves.i had it sent when i realised it should be posted on the forums)....Regards Cearul:)


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Hi cearul

So you dont get this problem on the cearul account but you do on the mactraxradio account ?

We have checked the latency on both accounts and there hasn't been any issues for a long time. We have other users on both servers who stream without issue. Its possible that the problem could require you to reset your boradband router and check there are no other bandwidth hungry programs running like torrents or downloads. Its best to close all programs when you are streaming to avoid any potential issues.

Let us know how you get on and best of luck with your radio.