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I'm Sploits and I currently work on a local community radio station with my co-host Busher's.
We currently do a Saturday 5pm GMT show which is an hour of great music, banter, guests and some brilliant features. It is called the Saturday Soirée.
We are looking to take our show to the next level and move into a more national or even international setting.
Due to UK lock down restrictions, work and family commitments we pre-record our shows to be played out but this is done weekly and is well received within our community.

Our advert is here: The Saturday Soirée Advert

And this is a link to one of our shows: The Saturday Soirée - Show 9

We use a variety of software to record and produce our shows and we have both broadcast live on many occasions.

If you think this would be of interest to you and your station then hit us up at dj.sploits@gmail.com and we can discuss.

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