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Discussion in 'Support' started by Rebecca Royale, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Rebecca Royale

    Rebecca Royale New Member


    I am constantly having problems with Sam Broadcaster. I've bought the up to date version as it said it was compatible with Windows 8. However, I am still getting the same problem that it keeps freezing on me and if a song is being played out live on air, sometimes it'll just freeze and we normally have to wait about 20 seconds for the song to carry on playing. So unless we're quick pulling the mics up, we end up with silence until Sam carries on playing the song. Unfortunately we are still having the same problem with the latest version of Sam as well.

    We're currently looking around for another Broadcast program as this issue with Sam is extremely annoying. I was wondering what Broadcast programs you use and any recommended ones?

  2. MasterzRadio

    MasterzRadio New Member

    The Problem with sams freezing is your audio settings inside sams are not the correct levels for your computer.

    I'd go into config ->Audio Mixer Pipeline [Make sure the VoiceFx is set at Encoders] Then click on Output,

    in here make sure theOutput Driver is "DirectSound output" and Output device is your headset, other than the windows default.
    Disable the cue output.

    I have my Buffer Settings at Packets 18, and packet time 42ms (this is where you have to do trial and error, with each PC, as This is the setting that causes sams to freeze up.)

    Click Apply now 3 times (to make sure they go through) then click ok twice and safe config (if you don't click save config, all the changes gets lost the next time its opened.)

    Hope this helps,
    DJ Massey
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  3. Rebecca Royale

    Rebecca Royale New Member

    Hi DJ Massey,

    Thanks for your reply and helpful advice. I've followed your instructions, so hopefully no freezing on the show tomorrow! I'll let you know how we get on. I appreciate what you said though, as I never thought of adjusting the sound drivers and buffering packets. So, again thanks.

  4. MasterzRadio

    MasterzRadio New Member

    Hello Rebecca,

    I hope it works for you, as I've really enjoyed using sams over the years. If you need additional suggestions, I'll be glad to talk with you about them, and see about coming up with a fix.

    Have a great sunday!
    DJ Massey
  5. Rebecca Royale

    Rebecca Royale New Member

    Hi DJ Massey,

    Thank you for your help. Unfortunately it's still not solved the problem. After following your instructions and it still playing up, I tried increasing the buffer settings a bit higher to see if that would fix it, so they're now virtually as high as they can go. But we're still getting the same problem. Any advice would be gratefully received as other than deleting the program and getting a different one, we're not sure what to try next.

  6. MasterzRadio

    MasterzRadio New Member

    Hello Rebecca,

    Being able to see the setup and computer specs, I'd be better able to give suggestions to what to do next with sams. Sorry, for the delayed response, I didn't see this till tonight.

    Please add me on skype at Massey973

    DJ Massey
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  7. Rebecca Royale

    Rebecca Royale New Member

    Hi DJ Massey,

    Thanks for your reply. The joys of technology!

  8. Jeff Turner

    Jeff Turner New Member

    I'm on Win 7 and use SAM 4.9.8 - Again, most stable SAM for me... But not compatable with Win 8 or higher...
  9. MasterzRadio

    MasterzRadio New Member

    Have you tried using the compatibility option in windows? I use 4.2.2 that seems to work perfect for me,
  10. michael k

    michael k New Member

  11. michael k

    michael k New Member

    Interesting.I am going the other way ..changing from our present software to sam pro..Hope is is not a signal of what is to come
    good luck
  12. Demo

    Demo Active Member

    Hi Rebecca,
    We run Sam BC on our dedicated server (Windows2008) and had the same issues. We contacted support at Spacial and we were told to install a older version which they supplied to us.
    We still cant update to the latest version of SAM until they fix the problems they have.
  13. 102tthemix

    102tthemix New Member

    New SAMS has issues running with win 8 and 10. im using sams 4.2.2 and i have no issues with it or my 8 other djs that dj for 102themix radio station. we had no issues what so ever.
  14. Cgomes

    Cgomes New Member

    Hi there! Any news Rebecca?
    Im having a similar problem. Just changed the buffer settings as DJ Massey sugested, and despite they being very high, my stream is less than 5 sec delayed from whats playing. That is very strange, because on my other pc, the difference between from whats coming out at the stream to whats is actually playing on SAM is almost 10 secs.

    One other thing, whenever I load a new song to the queue, SAM freezes quickly. This isnt a problem when Im encoding on DSP mode, but when Im on red button mode, as we actually do our streams, every time SAM freezes it goes directly to our stream, clipping songs all time. This happens also with short music archives, as station IDs with less than 20 secs. Does this happen to any of you guys as well??

    Thanks so much for any help! This issue is giving us problems for months, and even SAM support wasnt able to help us.
  15. Support

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  16. michael k

    michael k New Member

    We gave up. Sam is just not fonctionning for us..Insane
    Going another way

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