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hello all i am streaming on my radio and like the oher day i was streaming and the coder on sambrodcaster dedided to geive me this error error discounted 200. After that error i changed the stream pass and restarted the shoutcast and was fine but this problem has started again. And my radio cp keeps saying there is a source still contected but i have made sure none off my DJ's are connected with sambrodcaster which they are not You have time there on pic and date was today


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Hi squeek1984.

According to Sam Wiki - ERROR NUMBERS

Error : 200 - requests - Touch OK (not sure what this means).

Its strange you have to change the password. I can see from the logs that you failed to enter the correct password a few times.

I recommend you keep an eye on his and if it happens again give us some more details like the exact time it happened and what you did etc...