Error: Media URL can not be loaded. Check media is valid


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Hi Support ,
I have an error message from Facebook saying "Media URL can not be loaded. Check media is valid. (e_URL Context" after i shared a post on our Facebook page. here is the URL on the post i have shared on Facebook
This error appears only when you access Facebook on your phone (mobile version) and try to click on the link to view the post.
For more information please see attached screenshot.

I kindly request your assistance to help me solve this issue as soon as possible.

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Hi radioangelus,

Unfortunately there is not much that we can do about this. The problem is with the web browser that Facebook launches when you click on the link from within their app.

Your followers would still be able to read the article if they click on 'OK' from the message box.

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Indeed it appears to be something Facebook is doing as I tried the same website on my mobile phone (I do not and have never used Facebook!) and everything works correctly (including the radio stream player). Did a bit of googling myself and it seems Facebook struggles to get its own media URLs to work consistently with its own Messenger services, let alone anyone elses (and they of course have a financial interest in keeping you on *their* site to look at the ads so are unlikely to rush to help other streaming services)

Maybe encourage your site viewers/listeners to view *outside* Facebook (put a wall message up saying "if the player doesn't work, reload the site on your browser at and bookmark it. After all you have a decent independent website full of content and the URL is easy to enter even on a mobile phone..