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Hello all, I've been programming internet radio since 1999. Mostly 80s and classic rock, and for a couple of years I programmed an Americana station. Several years back, I was contacted by Rock.com and negotiated the sale of my songlist to their 80s channel based on the success of my stream. Currently living in the midwest US. I'm looking for a station that either wants a prerecorded weekly show or an occasional fill-in DJ. My career is in video and event production, and I own my company, so right now I can't commit to a set time slot for live shows due to being a business owner. Hoping to find a station that accepts that - and there will be times throughout the year where I'm more available to pitch in and do more live shows!

I can stream to your server for live shows, or send Dropbox links weekly for you to download and stream at the day and time you wish. The show is a mix of the 80s hits everyone knows and loves along with songs that charted on Billboard but are forgotten/ignored by today's megacorporations. These songs are still terrific and will bring back huge memories for folks who grew up in the 80s, and they'll sound fresh for younger audiences, too.

Throw in some rare live versions and re-recordings by the original artists and you've got the show - Everything 80s!
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HI Stardog.
I would like to add your music to the archive sets that we play in the official international Xat chat. I am presently playing some club and world music. Your 80s mix would round out the sound of the chat. Let's talk newdj@thehypernation.com



Drop me a line at the email below. I believe I listened to an example show and believe I have a slot I'd like to fill, with Everything 80s :)