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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Mike B, May 14, 2017.

  1. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Hello everyone:

    First of all, to all the station managers and/or djs out there who are Moms, I'd just like to say a big Happy Mother's Day 2017 to all of you.

    Back in January, I had posted about simulcasting my show via simulcast as a way to gain more listeners and expand my show to a wider audience. However, the responce has been quite low. There was one person who was willing to broadcast my show, but it turned out that they were looking for a (talk) format, which I do not do. So I'm updating my post with some more information. Hopefully things will work better this time. As stated originally, I'm currently based at ACB Radio Interactive. Like you, our djs do live shows from the comfort of their own homes. I'm looking for a station who'd be willing to carry my show over their airwaves via simulcast live. The show focusses on music ranging from the disco of the 70s to the latest hits of today; Hence the name of the show The Best Of Yesterday and Today. The show is originally aired on Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 pm Eastern time in the United States. If simulcasting live is not possible, I have one more solution. Being that all my live shows are recorded, I could also send you a pre-recorded edition of the show that you can then stream over the air, and of course, this would be done on a volunteer basis. If interested, please email me at

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  2. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    Are your shows neutral or do you promote ACB during them?
    I looked at your site and its a great thing you people do.
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  3. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Hello. Yes, we do promote the ACB during our broadcasts. By this, I mean we promotional announcements and public service announcements.
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  4. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    Ok Mike I have been helping a couple of stations here with full rebuilds and other site and server issues.
    I would like to try your show as you guys interest me in how you put all this together.
    My Dj panel is different to others all you have to do is start the encoder, auto dj fades out and your live.
    Most stations wont do prerecorded shows as its all about live DJ's and interaction. Auto DJ's mix 24/7,they just want live DJ's in chat rooms.
    Old school chat has near died with face book and other social media but with radio interaction it seems to spark.
    I will email you details and we can try your show this coming Wednesday and see how it goes.
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  5. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Hello again PK I use Station Playlist Studio and Sam Encoder to broadcast live on ACB Radio. . I simply connect to our station's server in the normal manner, then everything is live, until I disconnect. Someone told me that when you simulcast with another stationyou still connect to your station's server the way you usually do, but in order for the simulcast to work, someone at the other station (the one your simulcasting with), flips a sswitch or something to that affect, and then listeners on that other station can then hear everything that you're broadcasting.. Due to the fact that I am blind, I use special software called a screen reader, which reads information to me as it appears on the screen. When on air, I often transmit the screen reader's voice through a separate soundcard,to avoid it being broadcasted.. Another thing I could do, that is if bandwith permits it, I could type your station's IP address, port number, and password into Sam Encoder and then when I'm ready to go on air, all I'd have to do is press shift+F9 to start both encoders, then press shift+F10 to stop both of them when I'm done.
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  6. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    I Emailed you the encoder for Sam, all you have to do is start it and your live as you said above in your last sentence.
    I will pm the email here also in case you didn't get the email.
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  7. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Hello PK. I did the show on both my station's server and yours, and everything went smoothly and successfully.
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  8. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    The show was great and everyone's feed back was all thumbs up. Just all the station promos at the start is my only criticism.
    You are welcome to keep the encoder and we welcome you to do your show every week.
    Great work putting together your show, I can see a lot of work done to make it and reading that bulletin from braille was amazing.
    Keep up the good work
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  9. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Wow! that's wonderful! I usually use my own email address for contacts during the show, but I've also noticed that you have an email designed spacificly for requests, requests@sonicradio.com. Being that many of your listeners are used to using that address, how do I signup to receive messages through that email address?? Yes, having to read bulletin in braille live is a challange but it can be done with practice.
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  10. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    90% of them do requests via the Mirc bot I coded in the chat room. Not sure if your screen software would pick it up but that's best way to save you time on sorting emails. Once a !request is made the bot sends you a private message and the request is also posted in chat room.
    The radio bot also posts in the chat room the DJ and all songs playing.
    If this does not work for you I can set up the email to forward requests if sent.
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  11. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Hi again PK. I checked out the erk bot on the site, but it won't work. In fact, my virus protection views it as a threat.. If it isn't too much trouble, could you set it up for me so that I can communicate with listeners via email? Thanks. My email address is mbern6516@aol.com
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  12. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    ACB Radio is an Internet radio station much like Sonic Radio. We play music both via live djs as well as automation. When there is no dj working, we have automation to fill the time until the next presenter logs in. When someone logs onto the server, the automation stops and the dj in question has full control.
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  13. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

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  14. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    The fact, your virus protection views it as a threat is you use Avast which is crap. A while ago they thought in their wisdom they might make Iframes on all sites a threat. Use this link http://www.chatzinc.com/modules/irc-chat/indexavast.html
    As I told you most request in the chat room.
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  15. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Well, I think I've made a little progress. When I went to the site you gave me, I was greeted with a site where I had to enter a nickname, then there was a connect button. I typed in a nickname, pressed the enter key on the connect button, and I got another message that said "connecting to server. kAfter so much time, I got another page that looked like this

    Row 1 of 13 Channel #Casbar Users 6 Topic

    8,0| 0,8| 7,8| 8,7| 4,7| 7,4| 5,4| 4,5| 1,5| 5,1|

    9,1 Sonic Radio Chat Room 5,1 | 1,5| 4,5| 5,4| 7,4| 4,7| 8,7| 7,8|

    Row 2 of 13 Channel #GamesRoom Users 5 Topic [1]

    8,6¯ 0`°²º 4¤ 8æ=¬ 0«.,¸ 8_ 0,6 Welcome

    to the Ulimate Games Room

    8,6_¸,. 0»¬= 8æ 4¤ 0º²°` 8¯

    Row 3 of 13 Channel #DilligafRadio Users 5 Topic

    0,1 9¿ 13? 7¿ 11? 9¿ 13? 7¿ 10 9¿ 13? 7¿ 11? 9¿ 13? 7¿ 10

    Dilligaf Radio Chat Room

    0,1 9¿ 13? 7¿ 11? 9¿ 13? 7¿ 10 9¿ 13? 7¿ 11? 9¿ 13? 7¿ 10

    Row 4 of 13 Channel #DJ Users 5 Topic

    8,1® 8,14® 8,15® 8,0® 8,15® 8,14® 8,1® 0

    Sonic Djs Only

    8,1® 8,14® 8,15® 8,0® 8,15® 8,14® 8,1®

    Row 5 of 13 Channel #DilliDJ Users 4 Topic

    8,0| 0,8| 7,8| 8,7| 4,7| 7,4| 5,4| 4,5| 1,5| 5,1|

    9,1 DJ's Only for Dilligaf Radio 5,1 | 1,5| 4,5| 5,4| 7,4| 4,7| 8,7| 7,8|

    Row 6 of 13 Channel #Arena Users 2 Topic

    8,0| 0,8| 7,8| 8,7| 4,7| 7,4| 5,4| 4,5| 1,5| 5,1|

    9,1 Super Trivia 5 Shootout 5,1 | 1,5| 4,5| 5,4| 7,4| 4,7| 8,7| 7,8|

    Row 7 of 13 Channel #HelpDesk Users 1 Topic Site and Chat help.

    Row 8 of 13 Channel #Darths_Dungeon Users 1 Topic

    1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 8,1[1]

    Welcome to the Dark Side! [1]

    1,10 1,9 1,8 1,7 1,6 1,5 1,4 1,3 1,2 1

    Row 9 of 13 Channel #RageinCage Users 1 Topic [1]

    12»»- 4(¯`v´¯) 12--» 6 The Funfest

    where anything Goes! [1]

    12»»- 4(¯`v´¯) 12--» 6

    Row 10 of 13 Channel #SexTrivia Users 1 Topic [1]

    13,0< 0,13> 6,13< 13,6> 2,6< 6,2> 1,2< 2,1> 0,1

    7 Sex Trivia 0"21 and Older" 2,1< 1,2> 6,2< 2,6> 13,6< 6,13> 0,13< 13,0>

    Row 11 of 13 Channel #News Users 1 Topic

    Row 12 of 13 Channel #test Users 0 Topic play nice

    Row 13 of 13 Channel #Trivia Users 0 Topic

    1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8

    1,9 1,10 4,1[1] Harry Potter Trivia [1] 1,10 1,9 1,8 1,7 1,6 1,5 1,4 1,3 1,2


    What does the above information mean? I saw one thing that said sonic radio chatroom, followed by a bunch of numbers, but I'm not sure how to actually enter the room.
  16. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    My Chat server does allot of security checks before it lets you connect. Proxy,spambot,what port your connecting from and others checks.
    Once connected its very fast. I have edited the file for tonight's show so you will go straight to the chat room. Try the link again!
    What you saw was a pop up rooms list which wont show now. http://www.chatzinc.com/modules/irc-chat/indexavast.html
    This one is a flash based applet that wont work on mobile or tablet devices.
    For those devices use this link http://www.chatzinc.com/mobile.html (can also be used on computers)
    This is an IRC based chat so the use of Mirc scripts for games like Trivia,scramble and a host of other games can be used. Unlike php chat applets.
    I have put a forward to your email if requests are sent.
    Hope this helps
  17. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Hi PK, It's been three weeks now since I've joined sonicradio.sexy, and I have to say quite honestly, that its one of the best experiences I've ever had online! The people here are extremely friendly and helpful, and the people in the chatroom create a fun atmosphere. Later on this month, I'll be going on vacation to visit family in Maryland.When we get closer to the time in question, I'll remind you. Is there any special procedure that djs have to follow to request time off?Finally, I'd like to add you to my skype contacts. I tried to search for you on skype, but all that came up with someone named Paul Kennedy, and his screenname was PKchatzinc. There was only one result, and according to skype, it said that he was from California. If you'd like to add me, my skypename is smiley-guy218.
  18. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    Thank you Mike, live shows and chat really work and we all look forward to your show every week.
    Added you to skype, will chat to you there.

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