experienced Internet DJ looking to simulcast

Mike B

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Hello. Something went worng when I tried to post this before, so hopefully it will get through to the forum this time.
My name is Mike. I'm looking for a station that's well established, excepts a diverse genre of music, and has a reasonably sized listener base. Although I do intend to stay with my current station, I'm looking to find a station to which I can simulcast with, which would allow me to DJ to a wider audience. I play a mixture of 70s music to the present, so if you like disco, 80s new wave, 90s hip hop or today's biggest hits, I spin them all! Station managers, if you allow simulcasting on your station, and the above genres mentioned above sound like something to which you'd like to hear plaied on your airwaves, please contact me via email at
If you'd like to receive an mp3 of any of my past shows to get an idea as to what I sound like on air, just let me know and I'd be happy to email you one. Hope to hear from you soon.