FIGHT THE FUTURE: club classics. past. present. w/ Steve Callaghan

Steve Callaghan

New Member
Hey everyone!

I've launched a brand new 60 minute weekly radio show on Mixcloud and iTunes, new episodes every Friday

It covers some of the freshest dance music around and also gives me chance to throw in some of my favourite club classics from years gone by, expect everything from Nu Diso, Old Skool, Eurodance, House, Progressive, Techno and Trance among others, with the added 'bonus' of me waffling on at various points.

I'm currently on #006 and the show is going from strength to strength, ironing out the creases along the way, it's the first time I've ever done something like this so it's only going to get smoother along the way!

You can find the show at:

iTunes ➔
Mixcloud ➔